About Our Company

GTI Infotel is an ISO 9001:2008 & ISO 20000:2005 organization. The Company has been involved in healthcare & wireless telecommunication industry for over a decade bringing a complete range of GPS & GSM/GPRS based tracking solution after years of R&D & customizing it for healthcare & related industries. It providing the healthcare industry cutting edge solutions that is affordable and backed by a reliable support organization.

Our Advantages

GTItracking can relay a variety of information regarding driving behavior including truck speed, engine start-up and shut-down and idling time.

With proper mapping software, fleet owners know the exact location of every fleet truck. This gives dispatchers the ability to effectively direct drivers to any job site.

The data can be organized to give you information about daily truck activity, speeding violations, violations of company driving policy, a complete list of truck starts and stops, excessive idling times and much more.

GTItracking can also help improve the security of your fleet. In the event a truck is stolen, a hidden GPS receiver can help you recover a truck and any onboard equipment quickly.