Our GPS tracking devices is packed with many benefits designed to help you overcome your most costly business challenges. GTI Infotel’s GPS application has been designed for tracking vehicle fleets, equipment, people, containers, and merchandise. GTI Infotel develops, manufactures , and establishes a combined cellular/GPS tracking systems for Fleet Management , Generator Monitoring , Public Bus Transit System , Radio Taxi Solution , Car Rental System and Auto Rickshaw System , thereby protecting the vehicle and driver along with locating equipment and people.

Fleet Management

People connected with GTI Infotel across the world are saving 15% - 30% of their current cost operating vehicles. The use of GPS fleet tracking & fleet management solutions results in more efficient management of fleets.

Radio Taxi Solution

Over the past few years, the radio taxi has made travel simple, secure and stylish. GTI Infotel Tracking Solutions has integrated IT and business to deliver a seamless customer experience for Radio Taxi companies.

Car Rental System

The GTI Infotel solution for the Car Rental Industry is based on state of the art, web based technology and integrates our GPS system for the car rental industry with our Tracking software to give car rental owners and managers tools that improve productivity and lower operating costs..

Passenger Info system

The solution starts with the Integrated Controller/Driver Console Unit (DCU) which controls all the functions. The Controller is a software based Single Board device with a Colour TFT LCD display for interface by the Driver.

Mobile Phone Tracking

When Vehicle Tracking stops, our mobile tracking takes over and even if employees venture indoors our solution's check-ins take over.Mobile Tracking can track user movements on foot as well as in their vehicles.Historical journey reports can be downloaded orautomatically emailed on scheduled dates.

Auto Rickshaw System

GTI Infotel Tracking Solutions has integrated IT and business to deliver a seamless customer experience for auto owners, drivers as well as passengers. GTI Infotel Tracking Solutions is specifically designed to complement our Auto system and it is built the latest Microsoft .NET technology platform, for fast, reliable tracking performance.

Generator & Monitoring

We are specialised in wireless remote generator monitoring systems for on-site power, standby power, and phone tower site monitoring applications providing field-proven telemetry system for the management of mobile and fixed machinery such as Generators and Compressors.

Outdoor Mobile Advertising

GTI Infotel dazzling LED electronic taxi display excites, capture and looks in the mass audiences 'attention by display super Bright, high impact, high resolution, color display effect.